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Three Ways to a Naturally Clean Home

At The Bay Tree Cleaning Company we are very keen to promote and incorporate sustainable cleaning practices that benefit our clients, cleaners and the environment. We aim to use green/eco products wherever possible that have a reduced packaging content and use ingredients that are kinder to the eco-system. You can read more about our cleaning ethos here.

One way to minimise the amount of chemicals used in the home is to embrace the usage of essential oils and natural products typically found at the back of the cupboard. These are perfectly equipped to give your home and cleaning routine a good freshen up. Not only do essential oils enhance well-being through their invigorating aromas, they are also loaded with antimicrobial properties that are able to cut through grease and tough stains. Read on for some great ideas to get you started.


Lift stubborn marks from walls and surfaces using lemon essential oil.

Mix a couple of drops of the oil with 1-2 tablespoons fractionated coconut oil or almond oil, as suits.

Combine together in a bottle and then apply directly to the offending mark (you can test first in a discrete test spot if unsure). Apply with your fingers, then wipe away with a cloth. If it’s a particularly difficult mark, repeat as required.


If your carpet or rug could do with a quick freshen up, you can use this brilliant and easy recipe to take away any stale odours that have seeped in over time. Essential lemon oil is a very fresh and versatile oil, however you can add a different scent according to your preference, for example lavender, orange or bergamot make for excellent and refreshing room cleansers.

Use one cup of baking soda, adding in 30 drops of preferred essential oil.

Mix together in a small container, covering with a lid. Shake the mixture well and let it rest for 6 hours, then apply a generous dusting over the carpeted area and let it do its magic overnight. This is easily vacuumed up the following day, leaving the room with a much more refreshing feel.


Let the spring sunshine in with spotlessly clean windows. This robust and streak-free formula can help you lift the grimy haze from your window panes and remove tricky build-up on the bathroom mirror. The minty fragrance is great for adding refreshment across the house, with the extra benefit of soothing the senses.

To make this spritzer you will need;

  • 500ml of water

  • 100ml rubbing alcohol or vodka

  • 100ml vinegar

  • 20 drops peppermint/spearmint essential oil

  • An empty spray bottle

Mix all ingredients together in the spray bottle and shake well to combine. You can apply this to mirrors, windows, or stainless steel. Remember to wipe clean with paper towels or newspaper to create a streak-free finish.

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