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Have You Ditched The Gloves?

They may be good enough for Gaga, who wore a bright red pair of Marigolds at the Oscars in 2015, but a recent survey conducted by BizzyBee showed that nearly half (48.4%) of us admitted to wearing no gloves when conducting household chores.. including cleaning the loo!

Suprisingly, the most likely age group to pull up the gloves are between 18-24 year olds, which means the rest of us are exposing our hard-working hands not only to germs and bacteria but aso some potentially harmful chemicals and harsh hot water.

So what's the stigma behind wearing some good-old fashioned Marigolds and why are so many of us choosing to put our health at risk in order to not wear them in our own homes?

Since conduting a little research it turns out many people feel that wearing gloves restricts them when cleaning, it causes a lack of sensitivty and makes smaller jobs more difficult. Some people also complained that it made their hands sweaty or were generally uncomfortable.

Here's a few reasons why you SHOULD keep the gloves on and then you can make your own decision...

- Some strong chemicals can actual burn your hands and cause blistering.

- Hot water and cleaning materials can cause your skin to age before it's time- and we don't want that!

- Better grip on cleaning tools, especially when using soapy water.

- Protect your nails. Not only the wonderful manicured nails, but the soft, brittle and normal nails too.

- Barricade the bacteria. No household jobs should be a total right-off, but we agree that some are much more yucky than others. Wearing gloves stops the transfer of germs from areas of out home to other areas and of course ourselves. Just make sure you give your gloves a good clean when the task is complete and have a new pair ready to use when needed.

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