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Office Cleaning, Sherborne (Dorset)


We offer weekly  cleaning for a range of businesses including offices, shops, show rooms and more. This can take place during office hours or early morning, evening or weekend. 

This may include:



Bathroom and kitchens

Washing floors

Emptying bins

Foyers and reception areas

Lifts, stairs and communal areas

Blinds and interior windows/frames

Re-stocking of soap/toilet tissue etc 

"Our Visit England assessor came this morning, as you know, and he was deeply impressed with the standard of hygiene and cleanliness you have brought to the museum. He particularly offered his congratulations to you.


Because of your contributions to the museum, we not only retained our Red Rose award but increased our points quite considerably. The WC in particular had a 5 star award out of 5.

Thank you so very much!

warm regards

Elisabeth"  Sherborne Museum

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