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Summer Bank Holiday

Summer bank holiday is always one to remember. It is coming to the end of the Summer and everyone is gearing up to getting the kids back to school, and that fresh start vibe of September. So as the last bank holiday of the Summer, it's a great time to get friends and family together, whether to spend quality home time with the family, or with the extra day it's enough time to make it worthwhile going away. People tend to relax into a bank holiday a little more than a usual weekend because of the holiday vibe, especially in the summer. Here are a few ideas to make the most of your bank holiday this weekend.

1. Low-key Balance

If you don't want to spend your weekend away from home, why not break it up a little. Have a day at home, then a day out, then a day at home. This gives ultimate relaxation time as well as entertainment. The balance is a really healthy way to spend your weekend, as getting out the house and being in a new environment sparks inspiration and a fresh perspective on things, giving you a positive mindset. Re-charging and having some relaxing time for you at home is also a necessity to give you new energy and recover after a busy Summer of balancing work and entertaining.

2. Get Stuff Done

Been meaning to get the garden together? Do a deep house clean? This is your chance. There are always those jobs we put off because we just don't have the time. The bank holiday weekend gives you enough time to get those bigger jobs done, in your own time. Not having to rush allows you to enjoy the process a lot more, and the job actually gets done a lot better as you have time to prepare, think things through, and finish it off completely, instead of leaving it half finished as a mess until you next get round to it.

3. Active Weekend

If you want to make the most of the last days of Summer, of course being outdoors is key, especially if the sun is shining! Why not get active by taking the family or some friends on a cycling trip? This is a great way to bond over new experiences as well as making the most of the outdoors! Plan a route that's challenging but achievable with good pubs and B&Bs along the way to re-fuel and rest.

4. Book a Last-minute Trip

The extra day of a bank holiday makes such a difference, so take the opportunity to get away for a few days. It doesn't have to be fancy, especially as the weather has been so kind to us here in the UK! Perhaps a surf trip to Cornwall, or camping in the New Forest. There are so many options that are no-fuss, affordable, that get us out in the beautiful outdoors that the UK provides.

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