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Encouraging a Healthy Youth

To coincide with International Youth Day, we thought we'd dedicate this post to the little ones, and in particular, their health. We are all aware of how technology is taking over the younger generation's lives, and as the world moves forward, so must we, therefore it is inevitable. However, we can at least encourage our children to lead a more healthy youth, from getting outside more, to getting creative. We've come up with a few ideas that could inspire you and your children to move away from the tech, and towards the trees...

1. Get family friends over for an afternoon of outdoor games...

Growing up, playing anything from Rounders, to Boules, is the best fun. Mixing with different ages works really well and keeps the competition fair and controlled. Lastly, say goodbye to grumps and tantrums, as getting everyone outside to move their bodies and get that vital vitamin D will give a huge happiness boost...

2. Have a cake baking competition with their favourite ingredients...

Getting messy is always fun, especially when it's a delicious messy! A bit of healthy competition always goes down well, and it's never a bad thing to get them into the kitchen and encourage them to fall in love with it! Get them to take part in every part of the process, from planning to washing up. This will give them a sense of responsibility and make more of an event out of it.

3. Get creative outdoors...

Try getting the children's creative juices flowing, but instead of being indoors, trying to get them to come up with ideas for hours on end before finally giving up (sound familiar?), make it part of a bigger picture. Organise a trip out to explore the countryside, but take a picnic, and some art materials with you. There are so many inspiring shapes and colours to spark creative inspiration in nature.

Do you have any tips to steer the little ones away from technology and out into the beautiful outdoors? Let us know by tweeting us @baytreecleaning

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