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How to Get into The Olympic Spirit!

Finally, the Olympics start this Friday! With so much talk on the event, it's great to finally be able to get into the Olympic Spirit, whether that means tracking all the sport, just some of the sport, or just taking the opportunity to have some friends over to celebrate! Although of course the games aren't being help up the road in London this time around, we here at Bay Tree are always looking for an excuse to get the party hats out! We've got together a few ideas that could help you to get into the Olympic spirit. 1. Create an Olympic games timetable, and get the family together for a little in-house competition.

Healthy competition within the family is always fun, as all ages are usually keen, and it's something different to get together for. Decide on a particular sport to follow, and then draw out a big chart of which family member is supporting which player/ team, and when those players/ teams are playing. This will obviously unfold over the weeks, and then maybe organise a prize or celebration for the winners.

2. Throw an Olympics/ Great Britain party. The start of anything big always calls for a party of sorts. Invite friends and family, keep it cheap and cheerful with decorations such as this and get everybody to bring an olympic-themed plate of party food. Then put on the Opening Ceremony on TV, and crack open the champagne of course!

3. Host an at-home mini Olympics. Choose a selection of different at-home sports and games, and create a chart to determine who's playing what and everyone's scores. This could also be done as part of a party, as any ages can participate. Mix it up a bit, with anything from Boule, Croquet, or even egg-and-spoon-racing! The choice is yours! Team sports also would work really well as it would get everyone involved, and mixing up ages is always fun! Accompany with lots of delicious food and decorations to get everyone in the mood.

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