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Regular cleaning keeps your carpets, rugs and upholstery looking their best for years to come. It also saves you time and money replacing them and reduces landfill, kills bacteria and removes dust mites for a safer environment for you and your family  

How it works: 

  • Pre-inspection - to ensure you are satisfied with the recommended cleaning process we have selected on survey 

  • Prepare site – removal of furniture where practical 

  • Thorough vacuuming – most important part of professional carpet cleaning

  • Pre-spray treatment – having inspected your carpets we select the appropriate solution to ensure soil and stains are removed thoroughly and safely. 

  • Agitation – using special rotary brush machine to ensure cleaning compounds are applied effectively to all areas. 

  • Hot water extraction – this allows the most thorough deep clean extraction of loosened soil and cleaning product residue from your carpet. 

  • Drying – Due to our powerful extraction machine we are able to ensure carpets are never over saturated. We then use a stand alone commercial down draft fan which ensures your carpets are dry within approximately 2-4 hours 
    (Please note – free carpet protectors will be supplied for overnight protection against wood stained furniture) 

  • Stain guard – option of stain guard treatment for longer lasting protection 

"Richard worked so hard to remove all manner of things from our carpets with wonderful results. A big thank you"

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