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Our Top 3 Outdoor Adventures in Dorset

This week is National Parks Week, and as the kids settle into the Summer Holidays, you may be looking for some inspiration on how to entertain them for the next few weeks! Although they our English Summer is back to it's normal grey and chilly self, take this week's opportunity to celebrate the wonderful countryside of this country and in particular, the beautiful rolling hills of Dorset. We've come up with a few suggestions to either go with your family, friends, or either a peaceful trip out on your own.

1. Golden Cap - Gorgeous landscape views of Dorset's coastline can we seen from this high point, accessible on a moderate walk from Chideock to Charmouth. You can then take a bus back to Chideock, unless you have it in you to walk both ways of course, or you could even just do part of the walk, but we urge you to make sure to include the highest point of the Golden Cap as the views are mind-blowing. If you can, go in the evening where you'll witness a beautiful sunset, maybe take a picnic up there or a flask of tea! Inland, you will see the rolling fields used for centuries by farmers, trees sculptured by the rain and wind, ancient trackways, and a huge sense of freedom as you breath in the open space of the landscape.

Studland Bay - This is a beach unlike most other popular spots along the Dorset coast, with its clear, shallow waters and smooth sandy beach that backs onto a hide-out woodland area, this is a great place for creating family memories. Topped off with a cafe for ice creams, and shower facilities (so no sandy car on the way home!) If you have a sailing boat, bring it along to show off your water skills in the bay for just £20!

Kingston Lacy - This grand country home based on an Italian Palace is full of culture and history dating back to the 17th Century. Explore the beautiful interior architecture of the palace, complete with detailed carvings, walls brimming with paintings and the UK's largest collection of ancient Egyptian artefacts.

When the weather is kind, take a picnic to have on the spacious lawn, and get lost in the Japanese Garden and surrounding woodland area. To top it all off, get the family involved in the 'Community Growing Space' where you can grow your own food. Finally, finish the day off with tea and prize-winning scones in the tea house.

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