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Five Ways To Keep Your Home Cleaner For Longer

1. Create a cleaning schedule

Having a system will help you keep track of each task, so if you miss something you know where you are and can move onto the next one. It keeps your home (and mind) from become an over-whelming mess and allows you to delegate tasks to other people.

2. Use household items

More often than not you will already have brilliant cleaning products in your home and don’t need to rush out and buy something every time you see a new stain. Making use of household items will save you time and money. Vinegar, baking soda and lemons are a great start!

3. Keep several areas clutter free

Decide on the areas which really effect your mood when messy and ensure that these are your priority on a day to day basis. The better your home feels, the more motivated you’ll be to keep it that way.

4. Shop Concisely

Going on large shopping trips generally means you buy things that aren’t always needed. Ordering a local fruit and veg box to be delivered to your door may mean you don’t get the opportunity to find the ‘cheapest’ option but will detract you from impulse buys and developing the ‘need’ for ‘needing’ new things.

5. Do it Now

When you see something you don’t like and hadn’t noticed before, for example dirty marks on the kitchen doors wipe it straight away. If you put off ‘cleaning all the doors at the weekend’ it will never happen and there’ll always be more to add to the list.

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