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Digitally Designing Your Home

Due to the amount of time we spend online, it's no wonder that there a plenty of websites which offer you the opportunity to design your home through the use of their digital tools and platforms. Whether you want to add a new piece of furniture or recreate the look of an entire room, there are loads of links to help inspire and bags of tips from the world of interior design and from desginers themselves.

1. is a great place to start. With photos and videos this site offers colourful and detailed articles about decorating, storage solutions and ways to dress your home to suit you. The Shopping Ideas section is pretty trendy and many items are taylored to a boutique style home, which could leave you limited in terms of variation and price. But, you can register on the website to recieve loads of inspirational moodboards and they often have great prize giveaways too.

2. has a similar feel to Pintrest in it's Home section. You can easily select the type and style of any item of furniture or home decor and it will give you a varied and detailed scope of items ranging from high street stores to U.S Deisgner. The price range is refreshing too with affordable and unique ideas all stored under one, user-friendly tab.

3. www.houseandgarden hosts the classic, style website and has plenty allowance of beautiful photographs and detail of the 'in-look' for the current season. This site offers loads of luxurous and practical ideas for individual rooms has thousands of pictures to compliment. Readers can post their own views and ideas on the social bars located on each section.

4. offer practical and honest information on homes and housekeeping. Not only sharing financial advice, but handy tips on design and cleaning (which of course, we love.)

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