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Get That BBQ Out!

Hip. hip. hooray, the sun has finally made an appearance and so it's time to turn the central heating off, open the doors and let some fresh, spring air into your homes.

While were at it, let's step into our leaf ridden gardens and search for the most loved piece of outdoor equipment hidden beneath the overgrown hedges. Yes, it's time to unearth the BBQ, wipe of the cobwebs and get it sparkling ready for those early summer parties with added pimms.

It may seem like a dreaded task, particularly for those who decided not to give their grill it's last wash

after the final BBQ back in September 2014 but we've got some simple tips to save you time and money.

Disconnect the gas

Before doing anything, ensure the gas is switched off and disconnect it from the BBQ. If you're cleaning a non-gas BBQ start by taking of the grills and empty old coal into bin and brush away the dust.

Avoid using harsh chemicals

It may be tempting to pour a whole bottle of oven cleaner over your BBQ and wait for it to do it's magic, but unfortuantley these chemicals can cause more problems then it's worth. They can cause damage to the stainless steel/grill and leave residue which can give your food a nasty taste or smell (not to mention being pretty bad for you!)

Other useful tools

Hard, metal brushes can be useful to scrub away burnt food and tough grease, but be careful not to scratch coated metals and read the use manual for special care advise if you have it. Warm water and washing up liquid are also great soaking and removing grime. You can even dishwasher the grill and get in

to the habit of doing this after every BBQ. You can also buy great stainless steel cleaners for both the inside and outside of your BBQ. We love Method's Stainless Steel cleaner for £4.00.

Top tip

In furture, try to clean your BBQ while it is still warm. Be careful not to burn yourself and use gloves if neccessary. You can even steam clean the inside of your gas BBQ by placing a baking tray of water inside with the lid down. Turn up just one of the burners and wait for the water to boil. The steam will clean the lid and lift food residue, making it easier to clean.

Don't forget

When using your BBQ, allow it to heat uo for about 15 minutes before using so that any cleaning products or grease. Enjoy!

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