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Do You Have Flawless Fridge?

We all know that cleaning the fridge is one of those thankless tasks which always get's pushed 'til next week. But did you know that although your fridge is cold, it can in fact harbour over 7850 types of bacteria, some of which like E-Coli and salmonella are naked to the human eye?

We've put together a few simple tips that could not only eliminate some of those nasty bugs, but also keep your food stronger for longer and ensure that you don't need to spend your whole weekend fighting through the grime.

1. Jam jars and tomato sauce are notorious for creating sticky messes which add to the chaos of your fridge, so give jars and bottles a good wipe down before putting them back on the shelf.

2. Keep food that goes bad more easily in sight. It's easy to shove the lettuce or cucmber to the bottom of the 'veggie' drawer and forget about them, but these foods suffer as they are soft and rot easily. Try to keep soft, perishable foods to the front of your fridge and it'll remind you to eat them more quiclkly too.

3. A cheap, easy trick to get rid of bad odours in your fridge is to keep an open bowl of baking soda on one of the shleves. To speed up the process, lay the soda on a baking tray and put it on the middle shelf and even add some coffee beans (which are known for their smell-soaking qualities) - zap, the smell will be gone in no time.

4. If you're spending quite a lot of time cleaning your fridge make sure you turn the power off (trust us, your electricity will thank us) and store some important foods in a cooler.

5. So you've cleaned the shelves, taken out the drawers and cleaned them inside and out and have put the food back in. Don't forget to clean the outside of your fridge too. Germs can collect and multiply on the fridge handles and inner/outer seals so give it all a good clean with some warm water and white vinegar for extra sparkle.

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