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Introducing our very own Smart Sponge!

This revolutionary product will change the way you clean your house. 

Made with extremley fine particles, the sponge allows you to remove otherwise "uncleanable" external markings from surfaces. It can help remove crayon, marker pen, and grease from painted walls and wood finishings, plastic-adhering paints from treated wooden tables, and adhesive residue and grime from hubcaps and more! Just add water to the sponge and make your house gleam again! The sponge will wear away after use so we recommend cutting it into four pieces to make longer use out of it. 

The Smart Sponge

    • Cut your sponge into two or four pieces to make it last longer!
    • Dampen the sponge with water and wring out
    • Rub the marked area gently 
    • Wipe away any spoge residue 
    • Throw away the used sponge


    *We recomend that you do a test on shiny or delicate surfaces 

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