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It's National Spring Cleaning Week

The 16th to 23rd March 2015 is National Spring Cleaning Week and as the clutter and dust from winter slowly disappear we thought we'd share a few of our own cleaning tips with you to help lighten the load.

So turn up the music, pull on the gloves and get your cleaning products out from under the sink - let's get cleaning!

1. Make it fun and involve the whole family. Delegate appropriate cleaning tasks to everybody. Try not to leave all the really grubby ones to your partner in grime and start the kids off by de-cluttering their bedrooms. Donate unwanted items to charity or hold a sale. Many items can be sold on local facebook sites, including Sherborne and Wincanton too!

2. Buy products you'll enjoy using. If you'd don't already have a stash of open bottles under the sink, then time to buy some new ones and there's plenty of variety out there. We currently love Method's choice of non-toxic and wonderfully smelling cleaning range.

3. Dust surfaces before vacuuming. Any particles and crumbs which have come of your work tops can be quickly sucked up at the end to save time.

4. A spring clean is the best time to do the yucky jobs which have mounted up over the year. Start by cleaning your kitchen bin with some baking soda and water and give the lid a good clean inside and out too. Don't forget the inside of the dishwasher and washing machine drawer too as this is where lots of dirt can build up and end up not helping to ease the cleaning load over-time.

5. Keep a few washable, microfibre cloths which can be used throughout the home. Don't spread the dirt around and try to allocate 2 or 3 new cloths for each room.

6. Once you've got your home in 'tip top' condition try to keep on top of the clutter. This will save lots of time preparing to clean and only takes a few minutes a day.

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